20140617-203709-74229211.jpgEveryone has a dream. It can be big, or small, sensible, or ridiculous, but it is in our nature as humans to desire, to aim, to hope, to be something, to do something, to go somewhere.

However sometimes we spend so much time dreaming, we don’t realise that at some point we actually start living our dream.

It may not be exactly how we imagined it, and they day we stop pushing ourselves for me, is the day when we should raise the white flag in defeat.

Many people tell me I will never reach my ultimate dream, but at some point, I realised it doesn’t really matter, as the fun I am having on the way, is really what dreaming is all about!

In recognition of Mental Health Week, I want to put the idea out there, that the greatest saddest thing about someone with depression, is that they have lost the ability to dream.

More sad though, are those people who have no dream, and instead spend their energy putting out the dreams of others.

Mental Health Week Poem…

There is a cloud that falls upon us, that cloaks us in defeat,

A cloud of blackened silence, of which we take retreat.

You cannot see it coming, although you may feel it always there,

a trap ready to catch you, a panic, a terror, a scare.

The strongest can push through it, and find the light once more,

while others vanish in the darkness, forgetting what they once saw.

Forgetting the life beyond the black, and why they loved their peers,

losing sight of all their hopes and DREAMS, and given in to all their fears.

Depression should not be silenced, and it’s victims should feel no shame,

For if others knew the pain of it, they would suffer just the same.

“Just be happy, or get over it”, will surely not be the key,

But hold on tight, and stand by them, and hope that one-day they may be free.

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    I would like to translate and publish this article in one of the biggest Hungarian Horse Magazine

    Please kindly give your approval.

    Thank you and Best Regards,

    Kata Pataky


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