Why Wait?

“Good things come to those who wait”

20140617-183811-67091143.jpgNOT TRUE!

This is just a line parents use on kids that won’t stop asking questions.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world of random icecream deliveries, and no matter how long you wait you have to actually go to the store and pay for that piece of dairy goodness.

A few years ago, I spend most of the day waiting for the worst to happen.

That was a low point. Until one-day a very wise woman asked me if there really wasn’t something out there worth chasing.

The pursuit of happiness seemed like a start, and after that initial decision to be happy I soon invented new and far greater dreams.

I told mum that I would find a horse, and be the best in the world.

Today I realised just how far I’ve come, when yet again someone questioned my ability, and whether or not my dreams are realistic.

Regardless of whether I am on track to reach my goal, the fact that someone is questioning me, means at the very least that I’m being noticed.

Told again that my horse is too good for me, I was asked that perhaps it would be better if I were the owner of an Olympic horse, and I could make lots of money…

I said, what is money without a dream?

Even if I never make it, the pursuit of our dreams, is what it’s really all about, and considering I’ve been the only rider of my horse since he was four I must have done something right.

In life there are people who doubt us, but what this person didn’t realise is that every time sometimes tells me I can’t, I get that bit more determined to prove them wrong!

I was once told that my articles were pretty much a girl talking about her ponies, and when I had four people write to me yesterday to tell me how much they appreciate reading my work, I wondered what made them relate to what I say.

I am not in any stretch of the imagination the rider that say Carl Hester is, nor am I as inspirational as Nelson Mandela, or as poetic as  EE Cummings, but one thing I am is honest.

People relate and understand my articles, because I tell it like it is, and I admit that I screw myself up into a ball in the shoulder-in, and I bounce about and stick my tongue out in the sitting trot but, like them, I am willing to search for a new and better way to understand my horse, and for him to understand me!

Doubt is what ruins people. Don’t let others put doubt in your head.

If you doubt that you are good enough, you will never be. If you doubt that you can be there for someone else, you won’t be. Just decide what you want, what you will be, and be it.

Whether you want to be the best rider in the world, or the best rider in your one-horse stable, pick a goal and stick to it.

Even if you have a trainer, video yourself, and watch it, and ask yourself if you can do better.

If you see something that your trainer isn’t telling you, don’t just assume he must know better, ask him WHY he isn’t picking up on it.

Perhaps it is for your benefit, but perhaps it is because he thought you didn’t know enough, or cared enough, to fix it!

If you don’t have a dream yourself, make it your goal to help the dreams of others, and then take pride in the fact that you were part of something bigger than yourself.

So, here is the deepest secret nobody knows, here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud……

Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you can be, don’t doubt the thing that you want the most, pursue your own happiness above all else, because you can’t make anyone else happy, until you can be happy within yourself! :):)

Don’t wait for the icecream truck, go and get the icecream yourself 😉

PYRO FREE Sporty Dressage Lusitano born 2007


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  1. thanks again for the inspiration, I know I am way past looking towards riding in the Olympics but damn if I don’t give it my best shot to do my best and ride a soft engaging horse, thanks to starting with Deb’s help. Your articles have been very encouraging and positive, helpful and maybe a wee bit dreamy for me to have a go.


  2. Peace, love and light Sarah xox


  3. I do enjoy reading these posts of you and I do recognize myself and my aspirations, thoughts, feelings in what you write. Thanks for this!

    Warm regards,


    Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 21:23:09 +0000 To: wimenkatja@hotmail.com


  4. Thank you so much for your inspiration, your words resemble a lot of my thoughts and feeling but cannot put into words. This article is a gift to myself and others who are dedicated to the art of dressage. I plan on rereading his article to help push myself forward and throw away those who hold me back


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