Stand And Fight!

Stand And Fight!

Everyone has hurdles that they have to overcome…That is life!

20140617-171337-62017289.jpgMy grandfather was my inspiration for many reasons, but in particular he never complained.

I remember when I was little, and he had lost his sight, and his knees had almost given out from underneath him, he never felt sorry for himself, and instead he would make the most of everything he faced.

One morning over breakfast he called to me to check what was in the plastic container in the fridge?

“Pea and ham soup” I answered…

Ah, ok, he said, as he continued to enjoy his weetbix, knowing that  instead of putting dried fruit on top he has mistakenly put pea and ham soup on top instead.

When I asked him how his breakfast was, the weetbix complete with milk, honey, and of course, the pea and ham soup, he answered, “Nice for a change!”

Some people feel sorry for themselves, and some people blame themselves, and others just decide to make their dream so big that people won’t know where to begin telling them how that can’t possibly come true 😉

I was reminded about our ability to push through last week when I had to prepare for a rather unfun medical exam.

I had to pretty much not eat for two days, and I found that the first day, when I had to just start to limit my intake, was much harder than the complete starve the day after.

On that first day, my body was saying, hey what’s up, I’m hungry, but by the second and third days, it had given up, and decided to just do its best to keep me going, except for the rather giant headache just to remind me I was being a shit.

This then made me think about horses, and training, and it became very obvious to me what happens when a horse is forced into discomfort.

Like humans, horses will react in the beginning, but if they are pulled into submission, and whipped into false lightness enough, they eventually surrender and become dead inside.

We have all seen it, horses that you can walk right up to, and look into their eyes, and see well, empty nothing staring back at you.

The rider will probably believe fully that his horse is just under his control, and he has taught it to do everything he asked, when in actual fact he has just suffocated the horse’s spirit, and now just manoeuvres a machine around a 20 by 40 square.

Some people say that you cannot keep the spirit and fun, and be a competitive rider, and I know that for a fact to be untrue.


Because at the recent dressage convention UK, I went right up to Mr Dressage himself (Valegro) in his stable, and I saw not only a spirited horse, but a very happy, inquisitive, and rather excited horse, that you could not help seeing just how proud he was to be him!

My point is, you can do it the right way, and while many people argue that my horse is out of control, the truth is he is still himself, and I am still myself, and somehow we must find a way to meet in the middle.

In life, we all have hurdles, and when people tell us to give up, we have to just aim that much higher, cause if they can’t choose between the impossibilities of your ambition, then you will know your dream is just big enough!

Tomorrow, if it’s raining, be glad it’s not snowing.

And if your weetbix are soggy, be happy that at least they are not drowned in pea and ham soup! 😉

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