I used to not appreciate the value of the word but, and I’m not talking about the one with the double T!

I used to think that it was annoying, that a sentence could seem truly uplifting, and there it would be, a “but” to ruin it all.
That was great…BUT

You did a good job….BUT

If you have lived a life without the but, and people are always telling you that you are amazing, full stop, chances are they either don’t care enough to tell you, or don’t have the energy to help you become even better.

My mum uses the but very frequently, particularly in terms of my dressage training, and I have now come to enjoy and even celebrate the but, as I know it will be the link that makes me that much better.

Sure we can celebrate the bit before the but, but it’s the but that advises us where to go next, what the next step is on our ladder or our dream.

If you have friends who tell you that you are great, but that sometimes you….Don’t get offended, be grateful enough to understand that they want you to be better.

If you have a horse that gives you 98%, but you know you can get that 100%, go after the two percent you know is there.

Congratulate yourself on the small things, BUT ask yourself was there something even the tiniest thing, that I can do to make it even better?

Wow, that was a perfect halt, but he stiffened slighty on the way into it.
If you never hear a but out of anyone, ask yourself are you the sort of person who can’t accept criticism?

If you suspect that perhaps you are, then changing that about yourself will be the greatest step you ever make towards being awesome!
wpid-img_20140804_214750.jpgI am the first to admit that I used to fight against the but with new buts…But i was tired, but it was windy, but I know I usually do better.

WRONG ANSWER, a but should never be followed by another but, and the only response to a but is…

Ok, yes, very true, I will erase that but, and look forward to the next but on my path to success 😉

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  1. Your blog post are always great!
    really nice!


  2. It’s ‘accept’ criticism not ‘except’ criticism.


  3. Very true!


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